Software Development & Creative Services

Software Development & Creative Services

Software Development & Creative Services

for Business leverage

E-Commerce Solutions

” Enterprise Retail Portal “

We deliver E-commerce solutions connected to In-house and Suppliers’ stock management systems

to provide product information, order processing and

ultimately a seamless customer experience and reduced cost of ownership.

Tyres Direct is one of our projects. They stock over 8000 products with minimal user intervention.

Back Office Systems

” Office Automation “

We build Software Solutions that allow a business to manage processes via a user friendly application that is usable from anywhere and any device.

Such systems can be used to manage an E-Commerce entity for example, or to manage Bookings for a hospitality business, or even to manage transactions in a B2B scenarios.

Our founder has been working on Office Workflow Automation since the mid 90s and we believe we can cater for most business needs in a cost effective and pain free way.

We develop systems that are Web Based and Mobile compatible allowing your team to work from anywhere or any device.

API Development

” Application Programming Interfaces “

Business Data communications happen via Application Programming Interfaces. (APIs).

APIs allow Businesses to electronically connect to other businesses, apps or data providers.

1 Lever has been creating APIs connected to traditional or new back-end systems to support APPs as well as B2B communications.

Infrastructure and Hosting

” Virtualization “

1 Lever Ltd. is a provider of web Hosting systems based in Malta, Germany and more.

We specialise in hosting tech that include Linux, AWS, Google Cloud, VMWare, Cloudflare and others.

Keep your systems running and up to date with security updates on state of the art hardware, software stack and internet connections.

Business Integrations and Migrations

As business objectives change, Companies need to safely migrate their workflows to new systems and continue to operate seamlessly.

We have 30 years of combined experience in this crucial area of business and have successfully delivered such projects involving even banks with more than 30 thousand users, telecom companies and Oil and Gas Industry.

Game Software Development & Creative Services

We are currently investing in our in-house Game Development Department and we have Vacancies Available!

From Story Board to Api Development, Back-end integration, Game Dynamics and Animations

contact us!

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