Software Development & Creative Services

Software Development & Creative Services

Software Development & Creative Services

for Business leverage

E-Commerce Solutions & ERP

(Enterprise Retail Portal)

E-commerce solutions connected to In-house and Suppliers’ stock management systems

Back Office Systems

” Office Automation “

We build modern, web based, highly functional and cost effective back office systems covering most standard business areas as well as business specific applications.

Our founder has been working on Office Workflow Automation since the mid 90s and we believe we can cater for most business needs in a cost effective and pain free way.

API Development

” Application Programming Interfaces “

Business Data communications happen via Application Programming Interfaces. (APIs).

APIs allow Businesses to electronically connect to other businesses, apps or data providers.

1 Lever has been creating APIs connected to traditional or new back-end systems to support APPs as well as B2B communications.

Infrastructure, Private and Public Cloud Hosting services.

” Virtualization “

We specialise in hosting tech that include Linux, AWS, Google Cloud, VMWare, Cloudflare and others.

Keep your systems running and up to date with security updates on state of the art hardware, software stack and internet connections.

Business Integrations and Migrations

We have 30 years of combined experience in this crucial area of business and have successfully delivered such projects involving banks, large financial institutions, telecom companies and Oil & Gas Industry.

Gaming Platform & Engine

We have applied our extensive systems experience to create “Gest in Class” Gaming solutions at great Total Cost of Ownership.

Archimedes said he could move the earth with the right Lever.

We are that 1 Lever for your business

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