Lotus Notes Domino – Complete Migration Services

Highly experienced Principal Certified Lotus Professionals in both Admin and Dev offering complete migration services to take all of your existing apps and workflow processes to web 2.0 applications.

App Development

We have spent 2 decades retraining ourselves in Web Development until we found the right tools offering all of the advantages of the fantastic world of Lotus Domino albeit with today’s technologies, source control, business analysis and quality assurance. Away from costly licenses, large corporate fees, and with opensource technologies

We develop Web Based systems, cross platform and mobile compatible, with latest technologies and a similar mind set to the freedom originally offered by Domino.

Data Migration

Certified Principal Lotus Professionals able to extract and migrate all of your existing apps and data into newly developed web applications.

Team Training

We can re-train your tech team to support the new systems and carry on the development lifecycles


Our solutions are based on opensource software, guaranteeing the freedom to keep upgrading and migrating your investment, unshackled from large corporate roadmaps.

Complete solutions and process management

  • Business Analysis
  • Program Planning
  • Usability Testing
  • Single Sign-on integration
  • Data Migration
  • Unit Testing
  • Integrations
  • Software Development
  • Training